In case you doubt about it; yes, Google knows all about you.

Indeed its new tool gives to  the user the opportunity to access to his complete browsing history on overall Google products, tools and Apps.

Art of tracking isn’t at his debut, but it makes you a lot of thinking when you notice that you can access to all your researchs until you sign in your Google account.
Direct researchs, YouTube videos, GPS data, Apps , you have used, everything is right there in front of your eyes…

Then, how does it works?

warm_welcome_screen_01 warm_welcome_screen_02warm_welcome_screen_03

My Activity is actually a ‘transparency solution’ coming from the Mountain view firm itself.
The goal (beyond improving his Big Brother image): help you to a better managing your personal data.

You can also edit and even remove any activity that appear in the feed. The small pluses : you can suspend the tracking: as well on the Internet, as on Google Apps, anywhere in fact.
However Google team announced, it’s suspension could have an impact on search bar algorithm. Let’s see…

Convinced, or communciation campaign?